Multidraft Drawing Process

Drawing / rolling of wire for industrial applications

Multidraft machines with vertical or horizontal capstan axis for drawing / rolling of small to medium diameters.


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Multidraft Drawing Line MDLV/MDLH

Multidraft machines with vertical or horizontal capstan axis for drawing / rolling carbon steel wires with small or medium diameters, to be used for industrial purposes such as nails, galvanized wire, tying wire, etc. The wire can be coiled in spools or vertical stems.

Vertical Pay-Off System VPS

The vertical VPS pay-off system is used for uncoiling wire rod coils with diameters ranging from 5.5 mm to 16 mm and ensures continuous feeding of the line.

It is composed of two tilting fingers, where the wire rod coils are loaded in sequence, and a pay-off tower with sufficient height to guarantee high-speed wire uncoiling without tangles.

Wire Preparation Unit MD/LD

The compact wire preparation unit includes a mechanical MD descaler and an LD lubricant device which simulatneously lubricate and mechanically clean the surfaceof the wire rod.

Mechanical MD Descaling

The mechanical descaling device consists of a series of rolls that break the heavy scale on the surface by bending the wire rod during the cold-rolling /stretching process. The descaling device is equipped with closed protective equipment and / or scale evacuation.

LD Lubricating Device

The LD wire lubricating device lubricates the wire rod with calcium-sodium stearate powder and is used in the cold-rolling process. The stearate is continuously mixed by means of vertical and horizontal transporting endless screws that are driven by motorized gearboxes.

Multidraft Drawing Machine MDLV/MDLH

Multidraft drawing bench with vertical or horizontal capstan axis to pull the wire through dies or micro rolling cassettes.

Technical Data MDLV

  • Wire quality: low / medium carbon steel wire
  • Wire diameter range: 1.2 – 8 mm
  • Spool / coil weight: 0.8 – 2.5 tons

Technical Data MDLH

  • Wire quality: low / medium carbon steel wire
  • Wire diameter range: 2 – 9 mm
  • Spool / coil weight: 1.5 – 3 tons

Automatic Vertical Spooler AVS

The most advanced fully automatic AVS spooler spools steel wire on collapsible spools while at the same time automatically packing strapped compact coils in a regular format, layer to layer.

It does not require any operator, since all the coiling, strapping/weighing/labelling operations and the evacuation of the compact coils are performed  automatically and in less than two minutes of line downtime. The automatic AVS spooler is composed of a robust structure with a circular two-position platform. In the first position, the collapsible spools are automatically loaded/unloaded, strapped/labelled/weighed and opened/closed, while wire winding, tail/point clamping and automatic sample taking take place in the second position.

The automatic AVS spooler is supplied with two special automatic collapsible spools and can produce strapped compact coils with weights between 2 and 8 tons and wire diameters between 4 and 25 mm. The special overhead crane manipulator and roll/chain conveyer can be configured according to the customer’s plant layout. The automatic AVS spooler can also be used for coiling wire in fixed spools, and they are loaded/unloaded completely automatically.

Horizontal Spooler HS

The horizontal HS spooler performs the spooling of wire on fixed or collapsible spools.

It is composed of a robust structure and closed with a sliding door. The spools are held in a horizontal position by two centre pins, one moves axially by means of a hydraulic actuator and the other rotates driven by an AC motor.

The horizontal spooler includes a mobile platform and an extraction device to facilitate the movements of the empty or filled spools within the spooler.

Horizontal Coiler HC

The horizontal coiler (dead block) coils the wire on fixed stems.

The stems are positioned in a vertical position while the pulling capstan is in a horizontal axis position. An arm connected to the capstan guides the wire to the stems. The stems can be positioned on a rosette type double platform for continuous discharging of the coils.