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Screen Assembly Machines for Sieves and Screens for High-Quality Fabrics

The optimum configuration of the screen assembly machine

For the production of heavy protection and fence fabric such as screen gauze, we provide automatic or semi-automatic mesh weaving machines which can process high-strength wires of 1 to 18 mm in diameter.


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Screen Assembly Machine for Wire Screens and Wire Sieves: RG210 / HG210

  • production of e.g.: fence screens, protective screens, baskets, cages, decoration
  • wire diameter 1 – 6 mm
  • weaving widths 2200 - 2700 mm
  • weft insertion:
    • HG210: manual
    • RG210: by roller feed system, incl. crimping machine KM200

Screen Assembly Machine for Woven Wire Screens: GD600 / GD610 / GD620

  • production of e.g.: sieving screens for sand, gravel, ore, coal
  • standard weaving width 2500 mm (special width on inquiry)
  • wirediameter 1 – 15 mm
  • weft insertion:
    • GD600: manual
    • GD610: direct insertion by crimping machine KM320
    • GD620: by gripper system, incl. crimping machine KM200