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Weaving Machines for Press Fabrics, Dryer Fabrics and Industrial Filters

Focus on special applications

With its Jäger brand, Schlatter is the world's largest manufacturer of machines for the production of paper machine clothing.

All types of modern multilayer fabrics used in the world's fastest paper machines are manufactured on Jäger weaving machines: we produce machines for forming, press, dryer, and industrial filter fabrics.

Technologies developed by us have gained worldwide acceptance.

The weaving machines that can handle widths of 15.5 m are equipped with state-of-the-art control technology and digital servo drives that are designed for basic mesh tension of up to 5,000 daN/m, depending on the application.

The Jäger negative rapier weft insertion system is used here, providing the user the highest flexibility while processing different wefts.


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Weaving Machines for Forming: BK860 and BK880

Jäger’s rapier weaving machine BK800 has successfully been established in the forming market for years. As follow-up models to the BK800, we are offering the BK860 and the BK880 with a weaving width of up to 15.5 meters.

  • band rapier weaving machine
  • production of forming fabrics
  • weft insertion by AC servo motors
  • designed for very high speeds
  • weaving widths up to 15,5 m
  • designed for basic tensions of 1,500 daN/m (BK880) or 2,000 daN/m (BK860) 

Weaving Machines for Drying: BK700

For the production of dryer fabrics and heavy industrial filter cloth, our rapier weaving machine BK700 is the ideal machine.

  • band rapier weaving machine
  • production of dryer fabrics and heavy industrial filters
  • designed for basic tension of 3,000 daN/m or 5,000 daN/m
  • easy adjustment of the weaving width due to slay-mounted weft insertion servo motors 

Weaving Machines for Pressing: TP500

Our spool shuttle weaving machine TP500 offers optimal conditions for the production of press felts.

  • pirn shuttle weaving machine
  • production of press fabrics
  • weaving width of up to 35 m 
  • weft insertion by hydraulic high speed cylinders