Welding Machines

Welding Machines for the Production of Industrial Mesh and Wire Fence

Efficient manufacturing of industry and fence mesh for all lot sizes

Schlatter industrial mesh systems are used for the production of dimensionally accurate meshwork for a wide variety of applications. Industrial mesh may be used to produce shop-, exhibition- and warehouse equipment as well as trays for domestic appliances.

Flat meshes used as gratings, baskets or cages are typical products made out of industrial mesh. Also, shopping carts, shopping baskets, goods displays, shelves and trays in refrigerators, stoves and dishwashers are typical products using industrial mesh.

For producing round or three-dimensional mesh products, we offer our System POSIWELD welding machine.

Mesh Welding Machines MG600 / MG900 / MG950

The plant concept of our System MG600, MG900 and MG950 encompasses the large range of industrial mesh products, from filigree bird cages to heavy security fences with welded upper and lower cross wires.

Mesh Welding Machine MG700

The System MG700 welding plants are designed for an efficient production of wire fences.

The wires can be straightened and cut in the system or fed directly from the coil.

Mesh Welding Machines for Light Wire Mesh NS200 / NS240

The mesh welding systems NS200 and NS240 are suitable for the manufacture of light welded mesh as rolled mesh or panels.

The NS200 is a mesh welding system for fine welded mesh (0.5 – 2.5 mm) providing highest product quality and performance.

The NS240 system is a mesh wire welding system with cross wire double feed and disc insertion providing maximum reliability.

Welding Machine System POSIWELD

A CNC Jig welding machine for welding 2 or 3 dimensional wire products.

Thanks to the enormous flexibility and variability of this machine it can be used in all different kinds of welding applications. Products such as: Point of purchase displays, shopping cart components, 3 dimensional wire baskets and fan guards as well as all types of white goods applications.

Welding Machine System SGK

Production system for the manufacture of refrigerator condensers and evaporators.

Reproducible high welding quality, thanks to individual spring loaded welding elements. Single spot electrode system assures highest quality even in mass production.