Schlatter Group
Customer Service


Quick and competent assistance to answer technical issues

Helpdesk Welding:

+41 44 732 74 20

Our multilingual experts provide you with the professional support you need.You have a technical problem or need consulting? Call us.

It’s our pleasure to offer you our extensive competence and know-how. We are able to solve the majority of problems over the phone or via remote administration. 

Monday to Friday 07:30 AM until 5:30 PM CET, CEST

A Service Contract grants you access to our advanced helpdesk support:

With the VisionSupport can we see what you show to us.

The RemoteSupport option enables efficient troubleshooting via remote administration.

The 24Support option provides around-the-clock phone support all year long.

With the WebBackup we protect you against loss of your machine and production data.

Helpdesk Weaving:

+49 251 7792 333
+49 251 7792 155