Investor Relations

Whistleblower System

The Whistleblower System allows all parties to report potential irregularities or ethical violations confidentially, and if desired, anonymously.

The reports go through an external provider, preventing Schlatter from tracing the sender's identity. The recipients are our Chairman of the Board, Paul Zumb├╝hl, and our CFO, Reto Stettler.

This system provides you with the opportunity to express concerns or problems without worrying about potential consequences. We firmly believe that a secure channel for reporting contributes to a healthier and more transparent corporate culture.

Reto Stettler


+41 44 732 71 86

Examples of reports suitable for the Whistleblower System include but are not limited to:

  • Ethics and Integrity: Reports on possible violations of ethical principles, conflicts of interest, or inappropriate behavior.
  • Finance: Suspicious financial transactions, accounting discrepancies, or other financial irregularities.
  • Discrimination and Harassment: Reports of discrimination, harassment, bullying, or other violations of our workplace respect policies.
  • Safety and Environment: Information on safety risks, environmental pollution, or other matters that could affect the safety and well-being of our employees and the community.

Reports can be made anonymously, and we want to emphasize our commitment to preventing any form of retaliation against the reporting individual. The Whistleblower System provides a secure and confidential platform where your concerns will be appropriately addressed.

You can submit a report here.

With this Whistleblower System, we comply with the requirements of the German Whistleblower Protection Act.