PMC Weaving Machine BK880
Weaving Machine

Weaving Machines

As the only company in the world, we also develop systems for processes upstream of the weaving as well as for final fabric treatment

Under the brand name Jäger, we offer warping, weaving, heat-setting and finishing machines for the paper machine industry.

Starting with the warping machines for a wide range of different canister dimensions with suitable creel for forming and dryer filter fabrics, all the way to the weaving machines which cover all filter fabric applications on a state-of-the-art paper machine.

The product range also includes machines for the production of wire fabrics, wire screens and sieves as well as machines for wire crimping.

Of course, our weaving machines also open up the possibility of covering further application areas in the technical fabric sector. For these applications we can also offer customised solutions.

Our professional experience gathered over many years in the market has let us accumulate extensive know-how. This benefits you as a client.

PMC Machines for Warp Preparation

Warp preparation machines are used to pre-process warp threads, which can then be further processed by the weaving machines.

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PMC Weaving Machines for Press Fabrics, Dryer Fabrics and Industrial Filters

All types of high quality plastic materials which are used in the world’s most modern fastest paper machines are manufactured on our Jäger weaving machines.

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PMC Finishing Machines for Forming, Press and Dryer Fabrics

Under the brand Jäger, Schlatter Deutschland offers finishing and heat-setting machines for the production of forming, press and dryer fabrics as well as industrial filter cloth.

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Wire Weaving Machines for Metal Wire Fabrics

Whichever fabric you want to produce, fine fabrics, medium heavy fabrics, or heavy fabrics, as plain fabric or twilled weave, Schlatter Deutschland configures the optimum machine for your demands.

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Wire Crimping Machines for Sieves and Screens

The wire crimping machines KM200, KM320 and KMSS are the right complement for the optimum preparation of the warp and weft wires for the Jäger screen assembly machines.

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Screen Assembly Machines for Sieves and Screens

The screen assembly machines of the type RG and GD are very robust weaving machines and cover the entire market of heavy sieve fabrics.

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Weaving Machines for Heavy Technical Fabrics

Under the brand name Jäger, Schlatter Germany offers a new weaving machine for heavy technical fabrics with contactless weft insertion system.

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