Welding Machines

Welding Machines for the Production of Reinforcement Mesh

From the basic system to the complex high-performance factory

Schlatter reinforcing mesh systems are designed for the flexible and economical production of reinforced concrete mesh. An extensive range of modules allows us to adapt the level of automation to customer requirements.

Mesh Welding Machines of the MG200 Series

The MG200 series are ideal for engineered mesh. High flexibility and low conversion time are clear competitive advantages when doing just-in-time production for delivery directly to the construction site.

The System MG200 plants are processing precut longitudinal and cross wires.

Mesh Welding Machines of the MG300 Series

The MG300 series processes the wires directly from coil. Straightening of the wires is part of the process. A plant concept for efficient production of big lots in short time with a minimum of required manpower.

Mesh Welding Machine MG800

The MG800 is a mesh welding machine designed to be used wherever highly flexible and highly productive reinforcement mesh manufacture is required.

The straightening and cutting speed of the longitudinal wires is greatly increased and adapted to the cross wires due to the multiple straightening and cutting machine (MRM). This increases the productivity of the machine MG800.