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Service Contract Module: VisionSupport

With an audiovisual connection, we can stay even closer to you and your plant.

Optimise communication with Schlatter and enjoy higher plant availability and shortened downtimes.


Gain more security with a whole new level of Schlatter customer support. Use new VisionSupport from Schlatter to get the best possible support in case of a problem. With an on-demand audiovisual connection to the Schlatter helpdesk, you are guaranteed optimal technical guidance for your staff and your plant.

Schlatter VisionSupport provides simple, streamlined and comprehensive assistance right where it's needed. Communication barriers based on language, technical comprehension and technological complications are reduced. The turn-around time from the point when you contact the Schlatter helpdesk to the point when your issue is processed and solved is minimised.


With Schlatter VisionSupport, you and your staff will be able to show any components of your plant to the Schlatter helpdesk «live» via smartphone – it is really easy to use. For a low annual fee without any additional acquisition costs, you will get even better and, in particular, even faster and more comprehensive support.


If required, Schlatter VisionSupport can be combined with:

Schlatter InspectionService
Schlatter RemoteSupport
Schlatter 24Support
Schlatter WebBackup

And you can benefit from bulk buy pricing for multiple plants.

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