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RemoteSupport Welding:

+41 44 732 74 20

Service Contract Module: RemoteSupport

If the computer of your machine crashes, the system controller (PLC) displays a fault, or your system reports an unknown fault, we will be able to assist you thanks to Schlatter RemoteSupport.

With Schlatter RemoteSupport you benefit from the ability to establish an rapid online connection between the Schlatter help desk and your welding system.


In general, Schlatter RemoteSupport allows for an in-depth analysis of the system PC as well as the SWEP20 welding control and PCS system programming. Depending on the generation of the system the system controller (PLC) and the drive units can also be inspected and analysed.

The temporary connection to your system enables our trained staff to gain a comprehensive understanding of the respective fault message. RemoteSupport also allows us to overcome any potential language barriers between your staff and the Schlatter company. Increase system uptime by shortening unplanned downtime.


Perfect tool to get support in case of:

  • Faults when loading the program
  • PLC faults
  • Problems in relation to the welding control unit
  • Program sequence / program interruption
  • Faults of the operator PC
  • etc.

If required, Schlatter RemoteSupport can be combined with:  

Schlatter InspectionService
Schlatter 24Support
Schlatter VisionSupport
Schlatter WebBackup

Schlatter Dashboard

And you can benefit from bulk purchase prices for multiple plants.

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RemoteSupport Weaving:

+49 251 7792 333
+49 251 7792 155