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Service Contract Module: Dashboard

With the new Schlatter Dashboard you can centrally monitor, analyze and evaluate individual assets, or even the entire machinery park of your sites. Track the performance of your machines in real time on your PC, tablet or smartphone, keeping you up to date at all times.

Production Monitoring

With Production Monitoring you can check the current status of production at any time. Is the plant running as planned? Is the right product being produced on the right machine? Will everything be ready on time or are there any maintenance-related issues that need to be taken into account during planning?

Evaluation of the production

How many meshes of which type have been produced? Have the production targets been achieved? The desired evaluation period can be flexibly selected in the dashboard.

Maintenance planning

The dashboard provides timely information on whether and when maintenance is due. This can be helpful in scheduling possible machine downtime and contribute to optimal availability of the plant.

Malfunction analysis

To optimise processes and reduce machine downtime, the evaluation of malfunctions that actually have arisen can deliver important information. Thus, malfunctions can be used to derive measures to make even more efficient use of the machinery. With the dashboard, malfunctions occurred within a selected period can be evaluated according to frequency of their occurrence or the downtime they caused.


If required, Schlatter VisionSupport can be combined with:

Schlatter InspectionService

Schlatter RemoteSupport

Schlatter 24Support

Schlatter VisionSupport

Schlatter WebBackup

And you can benefit from bulk buy pricing for multiple plants.

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