Weaving Machines for Heavy Technical Fabrics for High Tension

Under the brand name Jäger, Schlatter Germany offers a new weaving machine for heavy technical fabrics.

The new C-TEC weaving machine – equipped with a contactless weft insertion system – is capable of delivering weaving tensions of up to 3 t/m. The new C-TEC weaving machine perfectly resolves the previously experienced problematics in the production of heavy technical fabrics. Adding value to the production of dense fabrics with the required high weaving tension, the new system clearly stands out among conventional weaving systems available on the market.


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Weaving Machines for Technical Fabrics: C-TEC

  • New modular machine concept for high beat up tension for heavy technical fabrics
  • Weaving width from 3.8 m up to 5.4 m
  • Weaving tension up to up to 30 kN/m (162 kN)
  • Contactless double sided band rapier system without guiding teeths
  • Automatic weft tension control
  • Stäubli rotary dobby type 3020 with separate servo drive
  • Reinforced harnesses and harness levers
  • Up to 2 warp beams
  • Sectional warped beams or beams with canisters depends on your demands