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High quality spare parts promptly available

Spare Parts Welding:

+41 44 732 71 11

Plants and systems are ever more complex. Only if all parts of a system are compatible with each other and are of the same high quality, is it possible to ensure that operations run smoothly.

Schlatter spare parts are manufactured with great care, fit effortlessly into systems as a whole when installed and ensure that the plant continues to operate and produce to the usual high quality standards.

Your advantages:
  • Express service for short downtimes of your system
  • Individual customer support (languages DE, EN, FR, ES, IT)
  • Repair service and component replacements
  • Customized spare parts packages
  • More than 15’000 items in stock
  • A global logistics network with partners near you

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Spare Parts Weaving:

+49 251 7792 444