• Schlatter Group

    Industrial Mesh

    Schlatter industrial mesh systems are used in the production of dimensionally

    accurate meshwork in a variety of application areas.

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  • Wire Mesh Welding Machine

    Reinforcement Mesh

    Schlatter reinforcing mesh systems are designed for the

    flexible and economical production of reinforced concrete mesh.

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  • Rail Welding

    Rail Welding

    With the help of the mobile welding systems,

    continuous track sections are produced directly on the track. 

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  • Schlatter Group

    PMC Weaving Machines

    All types of high quality plastic materials which are used in the world’s most modern fastest

    paper machines are manufactured on our Jäger weaving machines. 

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  • Schlatter Group

    A reliable partner

    With longstanding expertise in industrial engineering, innovative flair and a reliable customer service,

    the company group listed in Switzerland provides production systems offering high performance and quality.

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Leading system provider in the wire industry, track construction and the PMC industry for over 100 years

The Schlatter Group is a world leader in plant manufacturing for resistance welding machines and weaving machines for special applications.

Welding Machines

In the welding segment, we develop and build resistance welding systems for the production of industrial and reinforcing mesh as well as rail welding.

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Weaving Machines

In the weaving segment, we build weaving and finishing machines for paper machine clothing, as well as wire fabric and mesh under our Jäger brand.

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Customer Service

Our goal is to increase our customers’ productivity and to extend their systems’ service life. 

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Ready for a new level?

The latest mesh welding machines for highly flexible and productive reinforcement mesh production.

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Used Machinery

Special selection of high-quality plants

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“I felt that the inspection went very well, when we have these inspections we always learn something new about our machine and we will be able to improve on our processes”

Craig Fetty, Plant Manager, voestalpine Nortrak Inc., Pueblo, USA