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Schlatter’s slogan “the secure connection” does not only provide orientation in the business context – it’s also the guiding principle when it comes to our efforts towards sustainability. 

Our welding machines provide reliable connections between wires or rails. In a similar fashion, we are aiming to apply the concept of a “secure connection” to the environment, social aspects as well as corporate governance.



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The start of an important journey

In 2023, Schlatter laid the foundation for a greater orientation towards sustainability. Our board of directors and our management have been placing even greater emphasis on sustainability, both from an organizational and a strategic perspective. In addition, we have evaluated our business activities with regard to sustainability and have identified the issues that are relevant to us in terms of sustainability. We have started to systematically collect data on sustainability in order to be able to evaluate our governance as well as our impact on the environment and society, and to be able to communicate this transparently. This has resulted in our first voluntary sustainability report.

That’s right – we have written a sustainability report on a voluntary basis, and not because we were obligated to do so. We have recognized the importance and relevance of the topic, and we therefore want to keep you updated on our efforts and our progress with regard to sustainability.

Looking ahead into the future

Over the course of the next few years, our aim is to continuously improve our governance as well as our impact on the environment and society. We are planning to implement concrete measures each year and to make continuous progress. Our sustainability report of 2023, as well as the reports of the coming years, will provide you with an overview of our highlights in the area of sustainability. We are looking forward to taking you along on this journey.

Sustainability Report 2023


Statements on sustainability at Schlatter