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Finishing and Heat Setting Machines

Under the brand Jäger, Schlatter Deutschland offers finishing and heat-setting machines for the production of forming, press and dryer fabrics as well as industrial filter cloth.

The thermo-fixing device and equipment provide a wide range of application solutions covering all applications for wet screens, press felts and dryer filter fabrics.

A hot-air thermo-fixing device with a fabric expander system that can handle widths of 15 m, specially developed by Jäger meets all requirements for reliable state-of-the-art equipment.


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Machines for Finishing and Heat Setting: ASM

  • production of forming, press, and dryer and industrial filter fabrics
  • working width of up to 15 m
  • Jäger hot air heat-setting systems and heat setting of press fabrics with oil-heated cylinders
  • optional systems for coating, washing, grinding, suctioning, singeing, precompacting etc. available