Stretching and Respooling Process

High Ductility Reinforcing Wire

The innovative STR stretching/respooling line is designed to produce high-resistance/high-ductility steel wire for concrete reinforcing elements.

Stretching and Respooling Line STR

The STR lines produce compact strapped coils, layer to layer, with wire diameters ranging from 6 mm to 25 mm and coil weights ranging from 2.5 tons to 8 tons. The compact coils are packed in fully automatic spoolers, where different options such as automatic strapping, labelling, weighing, sample taking or coil evacuation are integrated.

The STR lines mainly produce stretched/respooled compact coils of classes 500 B or 500 C according to all updated European and worldwide standards. When upgraded for cold-rolling processes, reinforcing material of class 500 A can also be produced on the same line.

Vertical Pay-Off System VPS

The vertical VPS pay-off system is used for uncoiling wire rod coils with diameters ranging from 5.5 mm to 16 mm and ensures continuous feeding of the line.

It is composed of two tilting fingers, where the wire rod coils are loaded in sequence, and a pay-off tower with sufficient height to guarantee high-speed wire uncoiling without tangles.

Horizontal Pay-Off System HPS

The horizontal HPS pay-off system is used for the automatic uncoiling of wire wild coils with diameters from 10 mm to 25 mm.

The long supporting structure hanging on three clamps activated by electrical gear motors can hold up to a maximum of 5 coils of 3 tons each (total capacity 15 tons).

The HPS guarantees sufficient time for welding head-to-tail coils without having to interrupt the pay-off process. A special butt-welding machine is normally positioned at the entry side for welding low-carbon steel wire with diameters between 10 and 25 mm.

Stretching Unit STR

The innovative STR stretching unit performs the stretching process, adjusting the mechanical characteristics in order to obtain high ductility/high resistance reinforcing steel wire for standard and seismic application.

The STR unit is composed of innovative and robust stretching panels inclined at 90° with idle tungsten carbide rolls adjustable by means of precise electric motors. The unit is completely closed by means of front operable doors and includes scale and dust evacuation systems.

Descaling / Stretching Device MDSTR

The descaling / stretching device consists of special panels with a series of tungsten carbide rolls that withstand high speeds and stress. This device is configured automatically from the control pulpit according to the wire diameter and mechanical characteristics to be produced.

Double Bull Block DBB

The DBB double bull block pulls the reinforcing wire through two special capstans with V-shaped grooves.

The capstans are installed in two vertical and parallel axes, pulling the wire in an S curve form so as not to overlap the inlet with the outlet of the wire. The DBB block is composed of a robust gear box connected directly to an AC motor by means of an elastic joint.

Horizontal Spooler HS

The horizontal HS spooler performs the spooling of wire on fixed or collapsible spools.

It is composed of a robust structure and closed with a sliding door. The spools are held in a horizontal position by two centre pins, one moves axially by means of a hydraulic actuator and the other rotates driven by an AC motor.

The horizontal spooler includes a mobile platform and an extraction device to facilitate the movements of the empty or filled spools within the spooler.

Automatic Vertical Spooler AVS

The most advanced fully automatic AVS spooler spools steel wire on collapsible spools while at the same time automatically packing strapped compact coils in a regular format, layer to layer.

It does not require any operator, since all the coiling, strapping/weighing/labelling operations and the evacuation of the compact coils are performed  automatically and in less than two minutes of line downtime. The automatic AVS spooler is composed of a robust structure with a circular two-position platform.

In the first position, the collapsible spools are automatically loaded/unloaded, strapped/labelled/weighed and opened/closed, while wire winding, tail/point clamping and automatic sample taking take place in the second position.

The automatic AVS spooler is supplied with two special automatic collapsible spools and can produce strapped compact coils with weights between 2 and 8 tons and wire diameters between 4 and 25 mm. The special overhead crane manipulator and roll/chain conveyer can be configured according to the customer’s plant layout.

The automatic AVS spooler can also be used for coiling wire in fixed spools, and they are loaded/unloaded completely automatically.

Automatic WSL Weighing / Strapping / Labelling Systems

The automatic system for tying and packaging compact coils includes weighing cells, an automatic strapping machine and labelling / printing devices. Normally, this system is used in combination with an automatic spooler and can also be supplied separately.

Automatic SEH Spool / Coil evacuation and Handling System

The automatic coil / spool evacuation and handling devices normally added to automatic spoolers include tailor-made overhead cranes and roll / chain conveyers. The capacity and number of roll /chain conveyers depends on the plant layout.