Welding Machines


Wide range of extra modules

A sophisticated range of complementary modules, e.g. cutters, integrated straightening and cutting machines as well as handling elements, allow us to offer customers complete solutions, even in this complex market.


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Wire Straightening and Cutting System Syrocut

Wire straightening and cutting machine for high-quality spinner straightening. Syrocut can be integrated directly in the wire feeder of the welding machine, or operated as a stand-alone unit.

Turning and stacking / Preparation and further transport of the mesh

Fully automatic high-performance winding unit
Winds the welded mesh in the set length onto the roll and cuts it automatically

Automatic mesh turning and stacking unit
Roller or linear pull-in via grippers

Automatic binding unit
Comprising a left and right unit; automatically binds the mesh stack

Automatic mesh stacker
Stacks bound mesh packages


The Schlatter MeshStudio is a 3 dimensional drawing program for welded wire mesh with multiple additional functions. It is used by wire mesh producers. The MeshStudio standardizes the interchange of mesh data between customer, producer and Schlatter mesh welding plant.

MeshStudio Easy V1.3.6 setup english

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