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A current backup protects you from prolonged plant shut downs with faults with the system PC. In order to be able to provide optimum support in such an event, we ask you to send us a backup for storage in our archive.

Here you will find the instructions to create a back up from the system PC of a Schlatter welding plant.

To determine which are the correct instructions to create a backup for your system, please compare the operating system and the appearance of the system PC with the information below and open the appropriate "How to ..." file.

If you have difficulty creating a backup, you should contact us by e-mail:

Please send the backup copy to Schlatter Switzerland as follows.

Data files (up to 25MB) by e-mail to:
Data media by post to: Schlatter Industries AG, Abt. TH, Brandstr. 24, CH-8952 Schlieren