When a lockdown leads to unpleasant consequences for your machine

The COVID-19 situation has shown that turning off and shutting down the welding plants resulted in some unpleasant consequences in individual production plants.

When the machine was restarted subsequently, there were some issues with booting up and reloading the user programs. In each case, this was due to old machine PCs (especially Windows XP or older), which had problems when loading the corresponding parameters after a prolonged standstill due to their advanced age. There are various reasons for such failures, ranging from defective hard drives to empty backup batteries.

In such cases, the plant can only be put back into operation with a new replacement PC. A prerequisite for a seamless replacement is a current backup of the system.

However, as few of our customers create daily backups of their systems, this frequently leads to costly delays and production outages. For this reason, Schlatter has been offering the “WebBackup” service module to their customers since 2019. This service has already helped a large number of our customers to save time, money and stress.

It should also be noted that old machine control systems which have already been discontinued by their manufacturers pose an increased potential risk. If your system is still equipped with one of the following controls, we recommend that you consider an upgrade:

  • Siemens S5
  • Elau controller
  • Sesstep
  • Indramat DIAX / PPC drive controllers

To prevent this from happening in future and ensure reliable availability, we recommend a conversion to an S7 controller and the newest drives by Bosch Rexroth, as well as the Schlatter WebBackup service module.

In the event that you still need to turn off the systems, ensure that the following precautions are taken:

  • Backup battery has sufficient voltage
  • Data backup is present        

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