Schlatter take-up roller exchange program for Jaeger weaving machines - new with improved, yellow coating material

Your benefits!

Saving loom downtime and costs for complete new rollers.

Damages and abrasion resulting from wear on the roller covering

In the past the typical lifetime of our coating was up to 10 years, however in recent years we noticed that the lifetime is shortening significantly. The reason for this is increased wear on the coated rolls due to the yarn coating (spin finish) being modified by various monofilament producers.

To combat the decreasing service life of our coverings we developed a new coating composition made of yellow polyurethane (PU). The first rolls with this new covering material were already delivered in 2019 (Forming Fabrics) and - to date - have proven to be very effective.

We strongly recommend the use of this new material to achieve the best possible performance for your production.


Details on Schlatter take-up roller exchange program

In order to avoid a long downtime of your looms Schlatter offers a special roller exchange program for looms with vulcanized polyurethane covering.

Upon receipt of your order we prepare a set of newly coated rollers fitted for your loom and provide it to you in exchange for your currently installed rollers. This is possible for all looms from our entire BK* series. The ordered rollers need to be assembled with existing roller connections from your loom. We also recommend the exchange of the bearings.

The take-up system can then be reassembled and the loom will be back up and running within 1-2 weeks after receipt of the exchange-rollers. Your old rollers need to be returned to our works in Münster immediately after the exchange by the cheapest way of transport possible.


Exchange process overview

  1. Schlatter supplies a set of suitable take-up rolls with new covering.
  2. New rolls will be assembled and installed into your loom by your own personnel (Schlatter service engineers can support your team on demand).
  3. Your old rollers need to be returned to our works in Münster. The initially charged exchange value will be refunded upon arrival of the old rolls.



If required, Schlatter take-up roll exchange can be combined with:

  • Schlatter InspectionService
  • Assembly support for the exchange-rollers


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