Backup copy of the PC for welding plant

Customer information - backup copy of the PC for welding plant

In order that we are once again in possession of the current system settings or, in the case of an error with the welding plant or a failure of the system PC, can react accordingly and provide assistance, we ask you to send us a current backup to file in our archive. Upon receipt we will check the backup for completeness and functionality.

The instructions for creating a backup can be found under the following link:

Please send the backup copy to Schlatter Switzerland as follows.

Data files (up to 25MB) by e-mail to:

Data media by post to:
Schlatter Industries AG, Abt. TH,
Brandstr. 24,
CH-8952 Schlieren

If required Schlatter can provide you with assistance by e-mail:


Schlatter Industries AG

+41 44 732 71 11