New Jäger weaving machine C-TEC for heavy technical fabrics

Schlatter Industries AG, the world's leading plant manufacturer of Jäger weaving machines for paper machine clothing, presents a new Jäger weaving loom C-TEC for the production of particularly heavy and dense technical fabrics.

The new C-TEC weaving machine solves a previous problem for weaving mills in the production of heavy technical fabrics. It offers the added value of producing dense fabrics with the required high weaving tension, which is not achieved by any conventional weaving loom. The wide range of applications for the C-TEC includes fabrics for filtration, logistics, protective equipment, geotextiles as well as building and packaging textiles. For example, conveyor belt fabrics, process, filter and screen belts can be produced productively and reliably.

The Jäger C-TEC rapier weaving loom is available in variable widths up to 5.4 meters. Equipped with a unique non-contact double sided weft insertion system without guide teeth, the weft threads are inserted into the shed without touching the often sensitive warp threads.

The system produces dense fabrics from monofilaments, multifilaments and spun yarns with a high beat-up tension of 30 kN per meter (162 kN at 5.4 meter weaving width). The new Jäger C-TEC is characterized by a ridged machine design, a high insertion capacity of 200 picks per minute and ease of operation.

The new C-TEC weaving machine can be seen at the Jäger Weaving Technology Centre in Münster.


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