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Customer Service

With periodical preventive maintenance and inspection carried out by our specialists you can ensure high operational availability of your production plant.

The benefits for you:
  • This helps to reduce production downtime to a minimum
  • Special 10% discount on all man hours
  • Clear statements on the equipment status
  • Tips and advice for operating personnel
  • Predictable service costs
  • Predictable maintenance and downtime
  • Schlatter service contract new with a certificate

Schlatter InspectionService: Maintenance work, inspections, repair recommendations

Schlatter RemoteSupport: No distance is too great to be at your doorstep

Schlatter VisionSupport: We see what you show to us

Schlatter 24Support: Round the clock support, worldwide 

Schlatter WebBackup: We protect you against loss of your machine and production data

These individual modules can be combined into a customized package to maintain reliability in your production process.