How secure is your protection against machine and production data loss?

With the new WebBackup Service, we are offering you the opportunity to encrypt your sensitive machine and production data and to store it securely without any risk of loss.

This service enables you to restore your lost machine and production data every day. This keeps system downtime to a minimum and increases system availability.

The problem

There are many reasons that might cause a PC to crash, a hard drive to malfunction and other storage media to fail. If machine and production data is not protected or is stored in a location that could be exposed to natural hazards such as fire, water, lightning and vandalism, this data could be lost.

The solution

Our WebBackup solution gives you the option of encrypting (256 bit AES) and storing your machine and production data in one of Europe’s most secure data centres in Switzerland. Data is redundantly stored in two separate physical locations. This guarantees maximum data availability at all times.

The backup process only needs to be set up once and then daily data backup is performed and monitored automatically. If the backup cannot take place for any reason, you will be contacted by the Schlatter customer service team.



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