We are pleased to announce the complete takeover of Schlatter Italy

Schlatter has acquired the remaining shares and therefore Schlatter Italy is now a 100% subsidiary of the Schlatter Group.

The General Manager position of Schlatter Italy will be transferred to Giorgio Fattori as of August 1, 2024.

Schlatter is thus strengthening its strategic position in systems for the wire production / wire processing and its target of offering our customers comprehensive solutions along the entire value chain.

As your partner in matters cold rolling, multiple drawing, stretching, and coiling processes, we support you in the following processes.

Cold Rolling Process:

The CRL cold-rolling lines are designed to produce smooth or ribbed cold-rolled steel wire for reinforcement or industrial applications.

Multidraft Drawing Process:

Multidraft machines with vertical or horizontal capstan axis for drawing / rolling of small to medium diameters.

Stretching and Respooling Process:

The innovative STR stretching / respooling line is designed to produce high-resistance / high-ductility steel wire for concrete reinforcing elements.


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