System NS200 and NS240

High Performance Mesh Welding System for Light Wire Mesh

System NS200 high performance mesh welding system for fine wire mesh of 0,5 – 2,5 mm

The NS200 is a mesh welding system for fine welded mesh providing highest product quality and performance. The cross wires are fed - according to specification - either with single wire or double wire feed with a special transport and oscillating gripper of the respective electrode level. Mesh is pulled out with a rubberised 3-roller system which is ositioned behind the welding portal. This enables continuous divisions.


  • Line and cross wire feed from spools, coils and reels
  • Transport grippers for cross wire draw off 
  • Oscillating grippers for the transport of the cross wire into the electrode level
  • Controlled mesh advance with rubberised 3-roller system guarantees the highest degree of precision
  • Rotating shears for trimming and separating the mesh into several strips
  • Coiler with expansion mandrel and integrated shears
  • Intermediate storage for continuous production during exchange of roller
  • Oscillating welding traverse with pneumatically adjustable welding presses
  • State of the art function and control of welding current
  • High and uniform welded knot stability/resistance

Field of applications:

  • Wire reinforced glass
  • Light mesh cages for pets
  • Lightweight mesh or fence mesh
  • Coarse filter for air conditioning
  • Mesh for ventilators
  • Floor pavement screens
  • Plaster mesh 

System NS240 - for an extensive variety of application

The NS240 system is a mesh wire welding system with cross wire double feed and disc insertion providing maximum reliability. A consistently used modular system for the individual system components allows for the provision of a perfect system for each intended application purpose. The mesh advance is carried out by two continuously working gripper combs. This ensures the production of top quality mesh.


  • Line and cross wire feed from spools, coils and reels
  • Straightening elements centrally adjustable for fast adjustment to different wire diameters
  • Double cross wire feed, enables high cycle speeds
  • Servo electric cross wire shears 
  • Cross wire feed with disc insertion 
  • Rotating shears for trimming and separating 
  • Continuous mesh transport with two gripper combs 
  • High performance shears for cutting the line wires for wire mesh production
  • Stacking unit designed for continuous high production speeds without interruption of production
  • Semi- and fully-automatic winding unit with intermediate storage for continuous production during exchange of roller 
  • Oscillating welding traverse with cam drive
  • Welding force pneumatically adjustable

Field of applications: 

  • Mesh for cages 
  • Cages for breeding and keeping animals
  • Lightweight mesh or fence mesh 
  • Transport containers 
  • Mesh boxes and containers 
  • Floor pavement screens 
  • Baskets for gravel trench lining 
  • Plaster mesh


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