System MG700 for high-quality 3D wire mesh fence

System MG700 welding machines are designed for the production of fencing mesh.

The newly developed integrated crimping press enables in-line production of high-quality 3D wire mesh fences.

System MG700

Enhance your System MG700 with an integrated crimping press allowing double wire fences to be produced, whenever your market demands it. The application range is enhanced and the MG700 mesh welding machine can be used in an even more versatile manner.

Crimping press

To further enhance competitive advantages, we have developed our own crimping press with punching unit. Depending on the type of production and the tool, crimps can be squeezed from the top or bottom. This additional module enables the mesh welding System MG700, which is very well established in the market, to produce high-quality 3D wire mesh fences in line.


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