Shortened delivery times for our wire butt welders

6, 8 or 10 weeks delivery time for butt welders are too long for you … for us too!! We now deliver our model E10 or M10 wire butt welders, individually assembled according to your requirements, new within 48 hours** after receipt of order!   

**Special variants excluded

In addition to an unrivalled delivery time, you will also benefit from a new reengineering and the use of even higher quality components - Made in Switzerland.

  • On/Off switch, transformer step switch
  • Operating components located outside the working area
  • All hand grips are of milled aluminium - not plastic
  • Superior standard grinder motor
  • Grinding machine with adjustable height
  • Cable holder
  • Improved castors and wheels

In addition, wear and spare parts are available from stock.

Of course we naturally retain the warranty on our E10 and M10 wire butt welders, which has been extended from the usual 12 to 18 months.

You can also order the wire butt welders directly via our new service portal.


Schlatter Industries AG

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