Wire Welding Machine MG800

Ready for a new level? - The latest mesh welding machines for highly flexible and productive reinforcement mesh production

MG316 and MG800: Production of reinforcement mesh on a new level

This new machine concept raises the bar; to run reinforcement mesh production efficiently with less machinery, less space, low labour costs and low inventories.

System MG800

The mesh welding machine MG800 is used for a highly flexible production of reinforcement mesh.

The MG800 is a mesh welding machine designed to be used wherever highly flexible and highly productive reinforcement mesh manufacture is required.

Your advantages:

  • less machinery
  • less space 
  • lower labour cost 
  • lower inventory

System MG316

The mesh welding system MG316 is now even more powerful and efficient. The new MG316 is designed for the most economical production of reinforcing mesh in sheets and rolls as well as for mining mesh.


  • Higher total productivity
  • Higher production speed. Up to 200 cross wires per minute
  • Reduced set-up times 
  • Performance improvement in short mesh 
  • The latest drive technology with environmentally friendly current regeneration
  • Cross wire feeding from above or below 
  • Modular system allows an optimization of the machine configuration to your production requirements


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