Customer feedback on the new service portal

“The new Schlatter service portal is a user-friendly tool allowing me to access information regarding all my orders. Looking up spare parts for the machinery used at our plant has become easy with the portal. I am very happy with this tool and the personal contact with Schlatter staff.”

Van Merksteijn, NL - Mario Maatman / Maintenance Coordinator

The positive feedback provided by our customers confirms that customer benefits as well as the identification and procurement of spare parts can be substantially improved thanks to the new Schlatter service portal.

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“I think your new webshop is great. Login is easier now, and order processing is made convenient and straightforward. The presentation of the spare parts catalogues is clear and detailed. Delivery of available spare parts is prompt.”

RUWA, CH - Thomas Hofer / Workshop Manager


“My name is Sthephanie and I'm a Regional Manager at DeAcero S.A de C.V. The experience I have had with the Schlatter portal have been very positive. The portal is very user-friendly, easy to use and makes sales processes more efficient and effective. “

DEACERO, MX - Sthepanie Y. Perez Martinez / Regional Manager


“We then got introduced to the Schlatter E-Shop for buying parts. This has made our process of purchasing spare parts a lot more efficient and we now have access to all of the drawings of each machine we currently own. This helps massively to identify and order.
The process for ordering is very easy and I feel the system is great. I can see what stage the orders are at, if they have been completed or in part delivery. That helps to keep track, as we order a lot from Schlatter.
The E-Shop also gives us clear real-time dates/lead times during the order process. So the planning of PPMS can be organised by ourselves. We now have the options to better plan and choose when we wish to replace parts.”
Overall we as a customer are very happy with the great service we receive and the E-Shop especially has simplified spare parts purchasing, it is efficient and easy to manage.

ZND UK, GB - Shaun Boyle / Stores Asset Manager


“I’ve been using the Schlatter E-Shop for years now and the new version is even simpler to use and includes more articles. In the past I couldn’t find the Jaeger spare parts in the E-Shop, but Mr Rosano instructed me to put a number 7 in front of the “article number” and now it’s much easier to find them as well. I’m still missing the on-line drawings from which we could easily select and define the spare part we need in case we don’t know the number. On this occasion I would also like to thank Mr Rosano for all the support in using the E-Shop and managing our orders.”

KOVINAR, SI (PITTINI) - Nanika Fajfar / Purchase


“I really like the new E-shop so far.”

WDM (Wolfshagener Draht- und Metallverarbeitung), DE - Michael Gerke / Head of Engineering


“The E-shop still works well.”

ZND DRAAD, NL - Hein Lammers / Head of Technical Service



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