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Mesh Welding Machines of the MG200 Series

The MG200 series are ideal for engineered mesh. High flexibility and low conversion time are clear competitive advantages when doing just-in-time production for delivery directly to the construction site.

The System MG200 plants are processing precut longitudinal and cross wires.

Our range of spool creels and warpers

  • spool creel SG250: with felt pad brakes
  • warper SM800: with 3 independently driven tension rolls
  • warper SM700: with 2 jointly driven tension 

Mesh Welding Machines of the MG300 Series

The MG300 series processes the wires directly from coil. Straightening of the wires is part of the process. A plant concept for efficient production of big lots in short time with a minimum of required manpower.

Weaving Machines for Forming: BK860 and BK880

Jäger’s rapier weaving machine BK800 has successfully been established in the forming market for years. As follow-up models to the BK800, we are offering the BK860 and the BK880 with a weaving width of up to 15.5 meters.

  • band rapier weaving machine
  • production of forming fabrics
  • weft insertion by AC servo motors
  • designed for very high speeds
  • weaving widths up to 15,5 m
  • designed for basic tensions of 1,500 daN/m (BK880) or 2,000 daN/m (BK860) 

Weaving Machines for Drying: BK700

For the production of dryer fabrics and heavy industrial filter cloth, our rapier weaving machine BK700 is the ideal machine.

  • band rapier weaving machine
  • production of dryer fabrics and heavy industrial filters
  • designed for basic tension of 3,000 daN/m or 5,000 daN/m
  • easy adjustment of the weaving width due to slay-mounted weft insertion servo motors 

Mesh Welding Machine MG800

The MG800 is a mesh welding machine designed to be used wherever highly flexible and highly productive reinforcement mesh manufacture is required.

The straightening and cutting speed of the longitudinal wires is greatly increased and adapted to the cross wires due to the multiple straightening and cutting machine (MRM). This increases the productivity of the machine MG800.

Mesh Welding Machines MG600 / MG900 / MG950

The plant concept of our System MG600, MG900 and MG950 encompasses the large range of industrial mesh products, from filigree bird cages to heavy security fences with welded upper and lower cross wires.

Weaving Machines for Pressing: TP500

Our spool shuttle weaving machine TP500 offers optimal conditions for the production of press felts.

  • pirn shuttle weaving machine
  • production of press fabrics
  • weaving width of up to 35 m 
  • weft insertion by hydraulic high speed cylinders 

Machines for Finishing and Heat Setting: ASM

  • production of forming, press, and dryer and industrial filter fabrics
  • working width of up to 15 m
  • Jäger hot air heat-setting systems and heat setting of press fabrics with oil-heated cylinders
  • optional systems for coating, washing, grinding, suctioning, singeing, precompacting etc. available 

Mesh Welding Machine MG700

The System MG700 welding plants are designed for an efficient production of wire fences.

The wires can be straightened and cut in the system or fed directly from the coil.

Mesh Welding Machines for Light Wire Mesh NS200 / NS240

The mesh welding systems NS200 and NS240 are suitable for the manufacture of light welded mesh as rolled mesh or panels.

The NS200 is a mesh welding system for fine welded mesh (0.5 – 2.5 mm) providing highest product quality and performance.

The NS240 system is a mesh wire welding system with cross wire double feed and disc insertion providing maximum reliability.

Wire Weaving Machine for Mosquito Screen: BD100

  • wire diameter 0.1 – 0.4 mm 
  • weaving widths 1250 – 2500 mm
  • weft insertion by band gripp

Wire Weaving Machine for Standard Wire Cloth: BD520

  • production of e.g.: protection weavings, industrial weavings
  • wire diameter 0.05 – 0.45 mm
  • weaving widths 1300 – 2500 mm
  • weft insertion by band gripper system
  • conversion kits for existing machines

Welding Machine System POSIWELD

A CNC Jig welding machine for welding 2 or 3 dimensional wire products.

Thanks to the enormous flexibility and variability of this machine it can be used in all different kinds of welding applications. Products such as: Point of purchase displays, shopping cart components, 3 dimensional wire baskets and fan guards as well as all types of white goods applications.

Welding Machine System SGK

Production system for the manufacture of refrigerator condensers and evaporators.

Reproducible high welding quality, thanks to individual spring loaded welding elements. Single spot electrode system assures highest quality even in mass production.

Wire Weaving Machine for Medium Heavy Wire Cloth: BD600

  • production of e.g.: reinforcing weavings, oil filters, airbag weavings
  • wire diameter 0.1 – 0.8 mm 
  • weaving width 1300 – 2500 mm
  • weft insertion by band gripper system

Wire Butt Welding Device Type M10

The wire butt welder for wire diameters from 4 to 16 mm
Material: Steel unalloyed, Copper, Brass, Light Metal

Wire Weaving Machine for Heavy Wire Cloth: BD800

  • production of e.g.: protection weavings, conveyor belts, heavy industrial weavings
  • wire diameter 0.3 – 2.0 mm
  • weaving widths 1600 – 2000 mm (special width on inquiry)
  • weft insertion by band gripper system

Wire Crimping Machines

  • machines for the crimping and pressing of metal wires
  • for the production of fence and protective screens as well as for the production of heavy sieves made of spring steel
  • wire diameters up to 18 mm

Wire Butt Welding Device Type E10

The wire butt welder for wire diameters from 1 to 8 mm
Material: Steel unalloyed, Copper, Light Metal

Screen Assembly Machine for Wire Screens and Wire Sieves: RG210 / HG210

  • production of e.g.: fence screens, protective screens, baskets, cages, decoration
  • wire diameter 1 – 6 mm
  • weaving widths 1600 - 2700 mm
  • weft insertion:
    • HG210: manual
    • RG210: by roller feed system, incl. crimping machine KM200

Wire Butt Welding Device Type S

The fine wire butt welder for wire diameters from 0.3 to 2.5 mm
Material: Iron Steel Nickel Copper Brass Light Metal

Screen Assembly Machine for Woven Wire Screens: GD600 / GD610 / GD620

  • production of e.g.: sieving screens for sand, gravel, ore, coal
  • standard weaving width 2500 mm (special width on inquiry)
  • wirediameter 1 – 15 mm
  • weft insertion:
    • GD600: manual
    • GD610: direct insertion by crimping machine KM320
    • GD620: by gripper system, incl. crimping machine KM200

Stationary Welding Systems

Stationary systems are mainly used in large welding plants in joining short and long rails.

Stationary Flash Butt Welding Machine GAAS80

The GAAS80 welds short rails of anylength to long welded rails up to 500 mlength and even longer.

Stationary Flash Butt Welding Machine GAA100

The GAA100 is used for welding components in turnout manufacturing plants. The wide welding range allows high quality welding of nearly all types of components used for turnouts. Worldwide the GAA100 successfully welds high resistant manganese frogs with rails with the intermediate stainless steel insert.

Mobile Welding Systems

With the help of the mobile welding systems, continuous track sections are produced directly in-track.

The mobile rail welding machines AMS600, AMS100 and AMS200 are offered in different configurations. Often these systems are self-propelled, truck-based road/rail vehicles or container systems for use on a rail wagon on which they are moved from one welding position to the next.

Mobile Flash Butt Welding Machines for Rails AMS60

AMS60 for high-quality alignment. The development of the AMS60 focused on the exact alignment of the rail ends, laterally at the running edge selectable left/right and vertically at the running surface. Therefore the AMS60 is most suitable where exact alignment is essential - as it is for high-speed railway lines.

Mobile Flash Butt Welding Machines for Rails AMS100

AMS100 for bigger rail profiles. The AMS100 features a lot more welding force than the AMS60 and thus it allows welding of heavy rail profiles and even grooved rails. It is often used for welding of freight train track where heavy rails are used.

Nevertheless the AMS100 has also welded in high-speed lines in various projects and passed the respective homologation processes successfully.

Mobile Flash Butt Welding Machines for Rails AMS200

System AMS200 for closure welds and distressing. The AMS200 is the latest development in mobile rail welding machines, a new generation which enables the distressing and the flash butt welding process to be carried out in one operation, without an additional pulling device.

Container-Based Rail Welding System Supra Multiflex

Container systems are especially suitable for welding in new railway lines where a lot of new rails have to be placed and many welds have to be carried out. They are also often used semi-stationary either in the depot or close to the job site where they weld long welded rails for a certain section of new railway line before they are taken to another section.

Truck-Based Rail Welding System Supra Roadflex

Supra Roadflex systems are self-propelled, they can work completely autonomously and they are very flexible for moving from one job site to the next.

Wire Straightening and Cutting System Syrocut

Wire straightening and cutting machine for high-quality spinner straightening. Syrocut can be integrated directly in the wire feeder of the welding machine, or operated as a stand-alone unit.

Turning and stacking / Preparation and further transport of the mesh

Fully automatic high-performance winding unit
Winds the welded mesh in the set length onto the roll and cuts it automatically

Automatic mesh turning and stacking unit
Roller or linear pull-in via grippers

Automatic binding unit
Comprising a left and right unit; automatically binds the mesh stack

Automatic mesh stacker
Stacks bound mesh packages


The Schlatter MeshStudio is a 3 dimensional drawing program for welded wire mesh with multiple additional functions. It is used by wire mesh producers. The MeshStudio standardizes the interchange of mesh data between customer, producer and Schlatter mesh welding plant.

MeshStudio Easy V1.3.6 setup english

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Special selection of high-quality plants

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